Sports Video Games of All Time 

Sports video games stimulate the practice of sports and these are an extraordinary method to encounter and appreciate the thrills of a genuine match. Through these sport video games, you can step into the match, can control your favorite players and can lead your favorite team towards victory.

There are a lot of sports video games to enjoy and these sports give you charm. You can choose any role for you in the game. You can become a captain of the team, a simple player or a whole team. It means at that time, you have all the options for the sports game. In this article, I will describe the sports video games of all time like NHL & FIFA.


FIFA 07 is the most widely known sports video game and it has been the world’s best sports video game of all the time because of its tremendous performance, ultimate teams, realistic gameplay, and outstanding graphics. FIFA series can give you a great experience of soccer. Because of its extraordinary gameplay, unlike other games, it stood up as different. All the series of FIFA are well updated and smashing.


NBA Jam gained a massive following over the years and has positioned himself in the upper class of sports video games. The mesmerizing gameplay, stunning graphics and the full manual control on my player have made people impressed.NBA series is one of the most loveable games in the world.  


Punch-out gave the people a new look at the boxing. However, the graphics were not smooth and it didn’t give a real image of boxing but when it was released over 20 years ago, it developed a love for boxing in the heart of the people.

MVP Baseball 2005

MVP baseball also earned a significant growth in gaming history. MVP baseball 2005 gave “owner mode” to his fans.MVP Baseball 2005 offered a degree of profundity and polish that, until this point in time, is unmatched in games. Although there were some humorous mistakes, the MVP baseball series was apparently superb. 

NHL 94

National hockey league 94 is one of the best video games series of all the time. “ NHL 94”, is ice hockey which incorporates one-timer & quality gameplay. NHL 94 made a huge fan following in some years. NHL also has some fun arcade-style games full of hitting and physicality. The only drawback of this epic game is that it lacked exciting fights.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4

Among all the Tony hawk’s skating games, The Tony hawk’s pro skater 4 is the best ever game. It has a bit challenging gameplay which allows its users to master the skateboard. The mode, ability to create a skate, create a park and much more, is outstanding. For a poor skateboarder, this game offers a fixed experience.

Tecmo Super Bowl

Tecmo Super Bowl, one of the popular games of the NFL series was released in 1991 and it was the first to allow for real names and attributes of the NHL game players. The second most charming quality of this game was that its fans could play the season infinitely and could fall in love with it. It also earned a huge profit only in some years.

WWF No Mercy

WWF no mercy is a professional wrestling video game designed and released in 2000 and according to its fans, it’s better than any other wrestling game that’s since been released. WWF no mercy offers a great in-depth of creating a wrestler option (CAW). It also added opportunities like buying a costume for the player and weapons. That’s why fans still love WWF no mercy even after 20 years later.

Fight Night Round 4

Fight night round  4 was the best season of the fight night series. The stunning cover of Muhammad Ali & Mike Tyson also added to its splendor. This game provided better movements and controls, maintaining graphics and a legacy mode that attracted the fighting lover fans towards its great epic proportion. It also provided many features in the players and tricks like flyweight and bantamweight that increased its fan’s excitement.

Blades Of Steel

Everyone’s childhood favorite game is blades of steel. It was a revolutionary game because it was much easy to play, however, its controls were quite tough to handle. It was much difficult to control your goaltender as well as your whole team. The commentary and background music was much loveable. When you won a match, it was a real moment of pride.

Don Bradman Cricket 14

Don Bradman cricket was one of the best cricket games in the world. It provides career mode, meaning you can make and control your player fully manually so you would take him to the higher ranks internationally. The most stunning feature of this game was that it gave a 360-degree view of the ground so you could easily pull your shot towards any fence. 

SSX Tricky

SSX tricky is probably the best snowboarding game in the world because of its featured mountains that were literally made from the help of NASA topographic data. It also provides the threat of snow sliding to keep one on his toes. In it, if you accidentally miss any jump, your player would fall and die. It was made in 2012 and credited as the most ambitious snowboarding game ever made.   

Need For Speed Most Wanted

The Need for speed most wanted is the most popular car racing game ever. It provides the police chasing and backups through which our car has to hide and has to avoid from this police. It is a bit difficult to overcome the situation because sometimes the situation becomes much worse. It also gives its users varieties of cars and racing tracks with competitive opponents.

Mario Kart 64

I am sure that Mario kart 64 won the heart of all the racing game fans because of its outstanding feature of the head to head four players mode. The tracks include about 20 courses that are filled with tunnels, valleys, and jumps.

Rugby World Cup 95

Rugby world cup 95 was released and it was the best ever rugby game. It includes 30 international clubs and modes like friendly mode, world cup mode, and world cup 96 modes. We can customize even the ground to the weather. It’s Rugby’s great animation.

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