HAVE THAT Speed gets revenge on KSI with brutal challenge 16 seconds into Sidemen Charity Match and Cristiano Ronaldo’s biggest fan celebrates wildly after being taunted by YouTube boxer on Twitter

YouTuber Speed – Cristiano Ronaldo’s biggest fan – did not have to wait long to get his revenge on KSI during the Sidemen Charity Match.

In a bizarre occasion at Charlton’s The Valley, the internet’s biggest stars went head-to-head in a match watched by a sold-out crowd and millions more online.

The Sidemen, a YouTube collective founded by vlogger-turned-boxer KSI and his friends, went up against an all-star XI from the web.

It turned tasty within 16 seconds as Speed, an American streamer, wiped out KSI with a filthy challenge and proceeded to celebrate wildly in front of his opponent.

Speed, who is famous for his unique take on Ronaldo’s ‘Siu’ celebration, charged into the Sidemen’s captain with a tackle that would’ve warranted a red card if not for the philanthropic nature of the game.

Besides, Speed had good reason, given a number of tweets at his expense from KSI before the game.

The YouTuber said: “My goal is to make sure Speed has a terrible time playing against me.”

He also shared a number of videos calling the American a ‘fraud’ and promised to ‘expose’ him on Saturday.

It was all fun and games, though, as the pair shared a pretend head-to-head in the dressing room before the game – complete with Speed barking at the boxer.

Sidemen manager Billy Wingrove posted a clip of the two streamers squaring up to each other before kick-off.

There were more fun and games within a game enjoyed by fans and supporters alike, and even moments of top quality too.

YouTuber and presenter Chunkz opened the scoring within five minutes with a sweet strike from outside the box.

And there was plenty of entertainment for the attending fans in person and online, as the match eventually ended 8-7 to the Sidemen.

Speed, who has made fans laugh with his attempts to play football in the build-up to this game on social media, was actually quite handy and even had a goal ruled out by referee Mark Clattenburg.

And the American was not happy.

“Oh my GOD! So much anger built inside of me, you know?!

“I’m so mad, bro! Who is that ref? Are you even like a Premier League ref, bro? That was a clear goal!

“They just hating, man. I’m very p* off right now.”

He even pulled off the ‘Siu’ celebration before the goal was chalked off.

“Man, it felt like I was Cristiano Ronaldo. I felt like an egg about to open a yolk. That’s exactly what it felt like.”

Whatever that means.

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