Gaming Glasses – Does it really give you a strain-free gaming time?

After a hectic workweek, taking a break is a well-deserved treat. Chasing deadlines, minding the performance appraisal, and all the workplace hassle from 9-to-5 for 5 days is a lot. You deserve a fun time. And spending your weekend playing your favourite game is the best way to get rid of all the negativity in the workplace. But for gaming, you need to ready your weapon, that is, your gaming glasses, so that you are not impacted by the blue lights of the high-resolution gaming screen.


Gaming glasses are just usual glasses but with specially designed lenses that facilitate strain-free vision while gaming. These glasses are fitted with high-quality blue light lenses that block the incoming blue lights. Most blue light blocking lenses block only 60-90 per cent of blue light emissions. These are effective for gaming but not as the glasses with an efficiency of more than 90 per cent.

X-Blue UV from Specscart blocks 99.99 per cent of blue lights. These glasses are best for your gaming needs. You will not get a digital strain or any eye pain from gaming for hours. 


Your gaming device or high-resolution game screen emits blue lights. It might be less than the blue lights in the natural light. Your eyes are not impacted by the blue light found in nature, but they are affected by digital devices. The only reason is that you are staring intently at the blue light emitted from these devices, unlike natural light. If the brightness is a lot outside, you wear sunglasses or don’t get out outdoors. You don’t keep looking into it.

But when using digital devices, you are too focused on the screen and spend more than 4-5 hours. If you work on computers, you can stay on the devices for more than 8 hours, sometimes even without breaks. This strain your eyes, and you suffer from computer vision syndrome. 

Your joyful gaming session can get interrupted with your computer vision syndrome. Your eyes might hurt, accompanied by red and dry eyes. Sometimes, you can even get blurry or double vision. In such cases, you need to take a break and stay away from all devices for some time.

Getting these vision problems at your weekend will interrupt your recreation plans. If you are a gaming fanatic, then that’s too frustrating.


By blocking blue lights, you will be saving your eyes from a great deal of damage. You will get a clear and comfortable vision. 

  1. You can game uninterrupted without hurting your eyes
  2. You will get a clear vision that will improve your performance in the game
  3. Your colour perception with these glasses will improve
  4. You will not have sleep problems after gaming
  5. You will wake up energised the next day

Apart from the obvious vision upgrades, you will be able to improve your performance and climb up leaderboards. For gaming, you don’t just need high specification devices but glasses that help with your game.


Blue light glasses are not just gaming glasses. And X-Blue UV is more than just gaming glasses. You can use these glasses for office work on a computer, using your mobile or any other digital device.

You can wear them outdoors also as these glasses have an additional anti-UV layer. This protective layering makes them perfect for just anywhere. You can go around roaming anywhere without worrying about your eyes. These glasses will protect your eyes from UV rays. The UV index is usually high in the UK. Wearing these glasses will give you great relief.

And surprisingly, these glasses are very cheap. X-Blue UV from Specscart comes at £25 for prescription glasses. If you are looking for your glasses for your perfect vision eyes, you have to invest £15 on the lenses.

Choose any stylish frame and get your gaming glasses at an affordable range. And from Specscart, you don’t have to worry about style. You can get stylish frames, retro or trendy frames at friendly pricing.

And if you are confused about what to get, just order a free home trial and try them out at home. Not just frames, you can check out the quality of blue light lenses from the sample pack. Doesn’t that make your decision making much easier? Check out the glasses for a perfect stress-busting gaming session and also for appearing stylish just anywhere.

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