What Makes a Good Video Game?

Some games break records and become some of the best in the industry; others are considered flops and never manage to impact the world of gaming. What separates the wheat from the chaff and helps to make a video game good? We have carried out some research and here we’ll have a closer take on some of the elements!


Every game needs some plot to it. Even if the game is quite simplistic, there should be a plot in the background that helps draw in the player and focus on the task at hand. If there is no particularly engaging plot, players might find it challenging to stay engaged and interested in the mechanics.

There are so many little details that go into creating a good plot. Some games tend to be story-heavy. In such stories, you can tell that a lot of work has been undertaken to formulate the avenues available to the player. Not all games do have to have a rich story, however. Even in games with a more straightforward narrative, it should be easy to tell the plot’s direction, no matter how simple it appears.

Think about some of the simple games that you enjoy the most. How many of them have a basic plot woven into the background? Once you notice it, it is almost impossible to miss these minor aspects of storytelling.


Of course, one of the most important aspects of any video game will always be its mechanics! The mechanics define the game and its genre, and they can help make every game feel unique in its way.

Some games are carbon copies of each other, and you might sit down to play one and realise that it is just a reskinned version of another of your favourites. Reskinned games are pretty standard amongst mobile games, but it does mean that these games are relatively easy to pick up. You could also encounter plenty of other types of games that are packed with bonus features.

A game like a favourite from the Age of the Gods series could have a theme similar to some in its franchise, but the mechanics help set it apart from the others. Mechanics are also one of the aspects that fans focus on when reviewing games. Things like fight mechanics or movement animations need to be as smooth as possible. If they feel clunky and sluggish when they are not supposed to, it could turn fans away rather than attract them to the game.


Everyone wants to play a game that looks good. Unless you are playing a game from the early 2000s or older, there is a general understanding that the graphics for the game should be the best that they could be. There is a chance that some indie games will not be as polished as the releases that we see from the big companies, but that doesn’t mean that they should be putting up games with unfinished graphics.

Some games aim for photorealism and the highest of standards, and others might fall back on an old retro-inspired design. No matter what they choose, they need to make sure that the game suits its aesthetic and delivers a brilliant environment for players to explore as they play.


One of the more overlooked aspects of games is usually music. The music and sound effects in video games play essential roles. They draw us in and get us ready to play and can give us emotional cues without realising. The music might get tenser as you get closer to a boss fight, and strings could swell as an NPC sacrifice themself for the main character.

There is no end to how developers can use music in video games to enhance the player experience. This type of music is used to help a player focus, so it is little wonder that video game music is often listened to by people trying to study. It makes for excellent background music, and some of the composers of video games have become extremely well-known for their projects.

These are some of the critical areas that video game developers need to hit to ensure that their games are a success. The whim of players can be a fickle thing, and the smallest of features or design choices can be the deciding factor in whether or not they take to a game. If game developers put out titles that are to the highest standard they can manage, offering something fresh and new each time, they should create games that players are always going to fall in love with.

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