The most popular kind of a sport in Ireland

The modern Internet is already hard to imagine without the existence of a huge number of online casinos and, most importantly, bookmakers. There are a lot of similar sites and they all offer to bet on virtually any sport. This allows you to earn money while enjoying watching a match with your favorite team, but not many people know what sport people are willing to complete a BetWinner Registration for while in Ireland. Of course, we are talking about such a sports discipline as Gaelic Football. This sport has a huge fan base not only in Ireland but also throughout the United Kingdom.

Many people may wonder what makes this kind of sport so special among all other ones that are also available at the moment. First thing that should be mentioned – people of Ireland have been playing it for centuries! It was first played 220 years ago. It is a recommendation for every tourist that will ever visit Ireland to go watch a Gaelic game, because it is one of the most fascinating things to be seen in this country. The fun thing to notice – there is also an official Gaelic Athletic Association that regulates so-called “Gaelic games”. This game demands fifteen players on the field. 

Why do people watch Gaelic Football?

The story of how the Irish met Gaelic Football is very unusual. Because the inhabitants of this country were introduced to this sport by immigrants from Scotland. Since then, the citizens of Ireland simply cannot be torn off from watching the next match in this discipline. This game is of genuine interest to the audience. There are several reasons for this, the main of which is high dynamics. Unlike regular soccer, Gaelic Football offers much more freedom in the movements of the athletes. It is almost a national sport, as there is even a women association of players that shows the dedication of locals to this discipline. It is hard to find another kind of sport that would be even close to this one in terms of popularity among people of Ireland. 

This demand among viewers creates additional demand for another type of entertainment – sports betting. Indeed, due to the large number of matches in this discipline, ordinary Internet users have the opportunity to earn good money by betting online. This is especially true now, since reliable information has appeared regarding the formation of an analogue of the UK Gambling Commission for Ireland. This will greatly simplify the process of regulating everything related to gambling. Moreover, in the era of digital technology, it will not be so difficult to implement such an idea. Therefore, sports betting is gradually gaining popularity in this country. The regulation of such activities will be especially important for people who are not able to fully control their gambling habit. Thanks to the licensing it will be much easier to find an appropriate way to connect the sportsbook to the Responsible Gaming initiative. 

What are the other popular kinds of sports in Ireland?

Do not think that people are only interested in Gaelic Football, because in fact, there are a large number of other sports that are also in demand. Among the TOP 5, such well-known games as:

  • Soccer;
  • Hurling;
  • Rugby;
  • Golf;
  • Boxing.

It is easy to find a sports club to practice in. On local television, matches are constantly broadcast live in one of these disciplines. And thanks to the development of technology and the popularization of legal sports betting, the demand for a variety of sports is constantly growing. This means that in the near future, the picture may change dramatically. It cannot be excluded that the first place will be occupied by computer games. Because eSports is gaining popularity among young people, which can be treated differently, one cannot deny the high dynamics and beautiful presentation of virtual sports.

Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

How popular are live streams of Gaelic Football?

The record was set in 2021, when more than 940000 people were watching the live stream of the All-Ireland SFC final simultaneously. It is a huge number for the local championship. 

Is it possible to watch the live streams of Gaelic Football by using the BetWinner App?

Yes, it is possible to watch the live streams of Gaelic Football by using the BetWinner App, as the gambler will only need to make a real money bet in order to get access to the video.

How old a person should be in order to participate in Gaelic Football matches?

A person should be at least 15 years old in order to participate in Gaelic Football matches.

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