The 5 Highest-Paid Athletes of All Time 

As they say, give credit where it’s due. Top talent needs to be credited. Nowadays, the sports world is rocked by farfetched accomplishments and outrageous proceedings from athletes.

Nonetheless, this article does not focus on what the athletes do in their daily on-the-field routines. This article concentrates on athletes salaries. How much top athletes make in endorsement deals and sponsorships, who the 5 highest-paid athletes of all time are, and their current overall net worth.

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Here are the top five highest-paid sportsmen based on different categories.

5. Michael Schumacher – Formula 1 (Germany)

During Schumacher’s era, there was no other F1 driver who would closely match the Germans talent. The Mercedes Benz driver was a star in the racing track.

At one point, Michael had endorsement deals from top establishments like

  • Vodafone
  • Shell, and
  • Marlboro

(All amounting to approximately $ 50 million annual brand endorsements).

Currently, the 7 times world champion is estimated to be worth $ 600 million by the celebrity net worth magazine. Other blogs and sports websites estimate the Germans’ net worth to be a little past the $ 800 million mark.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo – Soccer (Portugal)

The renowned soccer star rose to fame right after joining the Manchester-based team in 2003. 17 years down the line, the Portuguese superstar and current world player of the year has a total net worth of $ 450 million.

  • Endorsement deals: Nike, Clear Haircare, and Tag Heuer worth $47 million annually
  • Annual salary: Approx $ 100 million before tax
  • Career earning: Approx $ 1.1 Billion

3. Floyd Mayweather – Boxing (United States)

Also known as “Money or Pretty boy” by countless sports fanatics and boxing enthusiasts, the undefeated welterweight and lightweight champion is currently considered the highest-paid athlete of all time.

With endorsement deals worth $10 million, Floyd was estimated to be a whopping $ 285 million in 2018 by the Forbes magazine.

Today, the 43-year-old father of 4 is estimated to be worth approximately $ 540 million by the celebrity net worth website with an average salary of $ 300 million per fight.

2. Tiger Woods – Golf (United States)

If you had been watching golf since 1997, you probably remember about the youngestfirst African-American to win the U.S. Masters.

Apart from his talent in golf, Woods is also known for his lucrative endorsement deals and high income. Between 1996 and 2007, the pro golfer has been estimated to have made approximately $ 770 million according to Golf Digest.

In 2017, Woods was the highest-paid golfer in the world with a net worth of $740 million.

Today, Tiger Woods is worth more than $ 800 million (£600 million) with an annual income of approximately $40 million.

1.       Michael Jordan – NBA (United States)

Up to date, NBA stars take home hefty earnings. During MJs entire career, the former 6-time world NBA champion had received an unbelievable endorsement deal from prime sportswear companies like NIKE, Chevrolet, among others.

It is estimated that the champion had received $ 1.5 billion from NIKE (before tax) at some point in his career.

MJ is also a businessman who owns 97% stake of the Charlotte Hornets basketball club, making him our all-time sports champion.

  • Current Net worth: $ 1.6 Billion

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