Sports And Education

It is no longer a secret that sports exercises are good for health and keep the mind and body in good shape. Learning is usually more difficult without physical activity. It is perfect, if a child known much about the history of sports and understands the difference between the Chicago bears old logo and the new one. However, the sports activity is much better for his development.

Movement is a part of normal human development, and this knowledge is also the starting point for the interpretation of scientific research that studies the relationship between activity and learning.

Playing With Different Objects, Kids Will Learn Different Shapes. 

By moving in space, children gain experience that later facilitates their spatial imagination, for example, in abstract arithmetic operations. 

Movement contributes to the development of a sense of speed, time and rhythm. Continuous sequences, such as letters, words or numbers, will be better understood. 

Children perceive their world as “sensual” through movements. The sensor system is responsible for this. Its functionality is the basis of intellectual and motor learning. The most famous senses are hearing, sight, odor, taste and touch. Each of them, especially the touch, transmits many stimuli (for example, through pressure, temperature, pain, etc.), but not all of them are equally conscious.

In order to protect oneself from such sensual “excessive stimulation”, a person eventually learns to suppress certain stimuli. A child who is particularly sensitive to sound, light stimuli or touch can have a hard time focusing on a really important learning task. 

Kinesthetic perception and balance are trained through movement. These two lesser-known senses are responsible for ensuring that a kid is able to perform controlled and coordinated movements (for example, to write easily), as well as the ability to sit still.

For example, if the sense of balance is not developed enough, a child usually has little muscle tension, gets tired quickly, and has also difficulty to sit upright.

Sport Promotes Self-awareness And Self-confidence 

The most noticeable change is during puberty. Many young people fluctuate between admiration and hatred of their own bodies at this time. Some teenagers do not feel very comfortable in their body, others emphasize it with extreme clothes or hairstyles, piercings, tattoos, which is not good even if it is new logo Atlanta falcons image. At this time, going in for sports is a good opportunity for the children to get to know their new body, get used to it and like these changes.

Exercise Breaks Help Reduce Stress, Concentration And Motivation 

If a child is engaged in sports or is regularly active, it automatically creates a healthy balance for school learning. It is because exercises can affect various processes in the body in such a way that it helps reduce stress. This effect also occurs if, for example, a kid inserts short breaks for movement repeatedly during training. For example, it includes jogging for half an hour or a quick walk.

Sport promotes Mindfulness 

If a child is regularly engaged in physical activity, regardless of the sport, he will learn to focus on the main thing. If it is in the football section, every little carelessness immediately turns into a defeat. If he participates in swimming competitions, he must mobilize all his coordination abilities, endurance and strength just for this short time. And if he plays tennis, he has to return his attention to the game again and again after losing a point. This ability to concentrate at a decisive moment will also benefit the child during school and exams.

Sport Promotes Endurance And Problem-solving Abilities 

Exercises are a great way to teach your child how to cope with failure. A bad time, a wrong serve, a lost tournament – this, of course, is not the end of the world. However, depending on how much the child is passionate about his sport, he may feel worse when he loses. The decisive factor is how he handles this experience of failure. The opponent is rarely to blame in sports, it is more important to work on your own results. This is preceded by an error analysis.

In certain sports it is done in a position of a real “team player”. But there are also many opportunities to prove it with individual athletes.

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