SHOWDOWN Eddie Hall v Hafthor Bjornsson LIVE: UK start time, free live stream and how to watch ‘Heaviest Boxing Match in History’ as former World’s Strongest Men prepare to finally settle rivalry

‘The Heaviest Boxing Match in History’ between Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson – both World Strongest Man winners – will take centre-stage tonight.

The bizarre, yet brilliant, exhibition grudge match has been in the works for some time and had an original date set for last September.

The two heavyweight stars were set to take part in their first ever boxing bouts after months of showboating.

But Hall suffered a detached bicep and had to pull out. Thor, aka The Mountain in Game of Thrones, instead stopped arm wrestler Devon Larratt in the first round of their exhibition boxing match.

Now, the pair are finally set to settle their differences inside the ring this evening!

They weighed in on Friday at a combined 295kg. Hall was first up and weighed in at 142.2kg, a much leaner figure than the 197kg he came in at when he won World’s Strongest Man in 2017.

Thor was next up and was nearly 10kg heavier, weighing-in at 152kg, a massive drop from the 205kg he was at his strongman peak.

Hall v Bjornsson: Date and how to watch

This heavyweight exhibition clash will take place on Saturday, March 19.

It will be held at the 5,000-seater Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium in the United Arab Emirates.

There will not be an undercard on the night and the Hall v Thor fight is expected to get underway at around 9:45pm UK time.

The fight will take place across six 2 minute rounds and the rivals will be wearing bigger 12oz gloves, as apposed to the usual 10oz gloves for heavyweights.

There will be judges at ringside, and knockouts ARE permitted.

Hall v Bjornsson: What’s been said?

There was an angry confrontation between the two former World’s Strongest Men earlier this week.

They squared up to each other before members of their support teams stepped between them, urging them to ‘save it’ for the fight.

Hall became agitated and said: “Look at your eyes, they are f****** scared. F*** you. Step outside and I’ll f****** take you on. F****** p****. Let’s go.”

Thor can then be heard shouting: “Let’s f****** go.”

They continued to exchange x-rated insults as they tried to get at each other, while Hall appeared to spit at Thor, which provoked a reaction.

Thor later posted an update on what happened during the incident, claiming both spat at each other.

“I am getting a lot of questions regarding an incident that occurred between Eddie and I yesterday,” he wrote.

“I was getting ready to train when i received a message letting me know that Eddie was five minutes away. I had no idea that this was happening, it was an obvious setup that Eddie was in on.

“Things got pretty heated, insults were thrown and it ended with Eddie being dragged out of the building, severely injuring someone involved, whilst trying to spit on me.

“I did spit back, not my finest moment but the adrenaline was cranked and I was shocked that he would do something so disgusting.

“Regardless, I managed to keep quite calm, all things considered, as I didn’t want to throw two years of hard work out the window.

“I’m looking forward to stepping into the ring with Eddie on Saturday so we can settle this once and for all, without it turning into a disgusting street fight which is clearly what Eddie wanted after his clear lack of discipline in yesterday’s display.”

It then kicked off at the press conference when Thor took exception to something Hall said about his mother. caught up with Thor this week and got his thoughts on how the fight would go and the Icelandic superstar says he plans to use his superior boxing skills to beat his nemisis.

Thor, a Reign Total Body Fuel athlete, told talkSPORT: “I’m honestly ready for whatever happens. I’m ready for Eddie to come in throwing all kinds of hooks.

“I’m just going to do my part and do my boxing and use my boxing ability and just box.

“I think that’s going to do the trick.”

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