OUCH Noel Gallagher was bloodied and needed stitches after headbutt from Ruben Dias’ dad during Man City Premier League title celebrations and reveals special moment with tearful Pep Guardiola

Oasis legend and die-hard Man City fan Noel Gallagher revealed he required stitches after he was accidentally headbutted by Ruben Dias’ dad in the Premier League title celebrations on Sunday.

City staged an incredible late comeback to beat Aston Villa, having been 2-0 down and pip Liverpool to the title by just a point with three goals in five minutes.

It sparked wild celebrations among players and fans, but perhaps none crazier than the former Oasis star – who needed an ambulance and missed the dying moments thanks to City defender Dias’ dad.

“Let me tell you what happened to me yesterday,” Gallagher told talkSPORT.

“As the third goal goes in, there is absolute bedlam in the stadium.

“Where we sit, Ruben Dias’ family are a couple of boxes up. I’m jumping around like an idiot, passing my son around like the Premier League trophy, everyone’s lifting him up.

“I turn around, Ruben Dias’ dad runs straight into me, headbutts me, I’m on the floor, covered in blood.

“I don’t see the last two minutes, I’ve got to get taken down by St John’s Ambulance to get stitched up.

“I’ve got stitches in my top lip, two black eyes. As I’m going down the corridor, Pep is running up crying and we hug each other.

“He says, ‘What’s up with your face?’ And I said, ‘Go and be with your players!’

“If you saw me today, I look like I’ve just arrived home from the eighties at Elland Road, I look like I’ve had my head smashed in. It’s unbelievable.

“Lots of City fans are asking me what happened and I’m just saying, ‘You’ll never guess’.

“There’s not a mark on him [Dias’ dad]. He’s a big bear of a man. He almost knocked my teeth out.

“I’ve got rehearsals today, but the good thing about that is I’ve got three Liverpool fans in my band!”

Dias later posted a family picture of himself with his family, which included his father and backing up Gallagher’s claim of his size.

Gallagher was on tour when Sergio Aguero scored a dramatic winner to win the title ten years ago but told talkSPORT Sunday is right up there for drama.

The title win was City’s sixth of the Premier League era, making them the second most successful side since its inception in 1992.

Dias later joined his teammates in Manchester for the open top bus parade where the celebrations were in full flow thanks largely to Jack Grealish, who was very much the life and soul of the party.

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