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Considered for a long time to be the gliding device par excellence, the skateboard is currently one of the most widely used urban vehicles. It’s because it has a motor and a battery that allow it to roll at high speed and travel long distances.

Are you an inveterate skater who wants to invest in a new machine to fully live your passion? Or maybe you are a simple user who was particularly seduced by the characteristics of the board and who wants to make it his new means of transport? Discover in this little guide the tips and tricks to better choose your electric skateboard.

How to choose your electric skateboard?

If you are a regular rider, you already know without a doubt that there are different categories of skates. But in case you forgot it or if you still don’t know it, here is a little reminder of the different types of boards currently available on the market. Most of them are provided by Voeep.

    Standard electric skateboards (single or dual motor)

    electric longboards

    All-terrain electric skateboards

    “Single-wheel” electric skateboards

Regarding the selection criteria, we based ourselves on certain specific characteristics to develop our comparison:


The choice of configurations should depend on how the machine will be used (daily commuting, off-roading, freeriding, downhill sport, weekend fun, etc.). 

The quality of the wheels

Skateboards with wide wheels that guarantee better comfort and good driving stability are absolutely to be preferred.

The resistance of the board

A solid structure is (and always will be) a guarantee of quality.

The weight of the device

If the machine is light, it is more manageable and easier to transport. However, the fact that the unit is quite heavy also helps ensure a more stable ride. The trick will therefore be to opt for the model that has the best weight-stability ratio.

Engine characteristics

Boards equipped with a gear/pulley motor are more efficient than those with a hub system. Either way, it’s the power, and therefore the speed, generated by the device that really determines its capacity. The maximum speed is generally limited to 25 km/h, but the level can exceed 35 km/h on certain models of e-skates.

Battery life and charging time

A board is efficient, in terms of autonomy, if its battery allows it to travel up to more than 30 km in distance. As for the charging time, it will mainly depend on the capacity of the battery.


Some devices come with a remote control. Others already have straps. In any case, the presence of an accessory can be considered a real asset.Some brands are more in demand than others due to the build quality and performance of their devices. Taking into account the various criteria mentioned above and based on the results of the tests carried out by our technicians, there are some brands that best meet your expectations, one of them is Voeep. You can find its collections by visiting its official website.

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