Manchester United’s wealthiest players. The holidays of the world’s richest footballers

Manchester United is a professional football club in England that competes in the Premier League. Also known as “the Red Devils” Manchester United takes third place in the list of the richest football clubs in the world according to Forbes. Even though Manchester United haven’t had the best season on the field this year it is a leading team in the Premier League with best-paid players. Nevertheless, this popular football club is always in the spotlight among football fans. Apart from supporting the Red Devils on the stadium you can place a bet with Boku casinos. Sport betting, especially football, is a large and fast-growing trend in gambling industry. All Irish online casinos accept Boku payments. It is a trusted method of payment, you only need your phone number. Now you can easily enjoy the match of your favourite football team and at the same time try your luck to benefit from the best odds.

5 highest-paid players of Manchester United

Manchester United is one of the biggest football clubs in the world with a massive fan support in all the corners of the globe and has the highest wage bill in England’s championship, which is more than £ 226 million per year. Any wonder that Manchester United’s superstars prevail in the list of the Premier League’s highest-paid players. So here’s top 5 highest-earning MU players’ list:

  1. Any surprise that Cristiano Ronaldo is topping the chart. Ronaldo had a sensational comeback to Manchester United at the start of the season with a salary of £2.2 million per month. His earnings of £26.4 million per year are higher than the fee paid for his transfer. 

2. MU goalkeeper David de Gea was the first on the list of the highest-paid players for Red Devils until Ronaldo’s return to the club. De Gea has been at the club for 11 years and now earns £1.6 million a month. Despite some fans’ criticisms he is recognized among the best goalkeepers in the League.

3. The young forward Jadon Sancho has been convinced for a year to sign the contract with MU. Transferred from Borussia Dortmund he now earns £1.6 million per month taking £18 million per year.

4. Former Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane has an annual salary of £15.6 million per year, which is £1.3 million per month. His transfer to MU was a great excitement for club fans.

5. Paul Pogba was transferred for a world record fee when he returned to Manchester United in 2016. Although it is not clear whether he will renew his contract, so far he earns £290.000 per week. Some say that the club might offer him £500.00 per week. If this happens the order on this list will undergo changes.

How do top football players enjoy their holidays?

When the holidays time comes, the world’s richest football players head to the four corners of the Earth. Regardless of destination it implies big expenses on leisure. But at the same time the best level is required in everything: the best hotel or villa, the best yacht, the best car and the best getaway all in all. Mostly they don’t book a holiday in advance and have rather spontaneous requests. Football players feel really tired when the tournament season is over and urge to spend time with their families, children, partners or friends. The most common thing is that the holiday has to be classy so they prefer luxurious hotel chains such as Four Seasons, One and Only, Mandarin Oriental, etc. The ones with families usually choose something relaxing and quiet although with a pool if they come with a bunch of children. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo has a big family which requires many rooms, a private pool and a piece of land in front of the villa for the kids to play out and be under control. Couples might prefer boutique places either in the resort or a city. Some players might choose to go to the country of their origin.While others might find the best way to recharge in the numerous clubs of Ibiza. Privacy is one of the key factors during getaway for a popular football player. This aspect is solved by such services as private jets, private transfer and private butlers. Butlers can work out anything starting with making a booking on behalf of the star guest or providing an exclusive service. Overall such demanding clients as world’s richest football players expect a spectacular getaway and are ready to pay for it.


To sum up, being the wealthiest football player in Manchester United means to be an object of attention not only on the field, but in an ordinary life, such as vacationing. The more the player earns the better he spends his getaway and gets the best of it gaining strength for a new season.

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