How Much Does Artificial Grass Tennis Court Cost?

Tennis is played in groups of 1 or 2 each. People have to pass the ball through the net that extends to the middle of the tennis court with a tool called a racket in their hands. In a tennis game consisting of sets, the side with the most points wins. An artificial grass tennis court has also a great impact on the general situation of tennis competition.

What Are Tennis Courts?

Tennis can be called a great sport and it is known all over the world. It is possible to see that there are many people professionally participating in tournaments. Today, tennis competitions are held in various parts of many countries. These events attract people’s attention mostly. There are many important elements needed for tennis. One of them is, of course, tennis courts.

A tennis court is an area where tennis is played. The tennis court should be built with care and attention to ensure quality playtime. The ground structure, size, and playing lines on the ground are all crucial. For a good tennis competition, the tennis court’s floor should also be covered with acrylic on asphalt.

What Are The Dimensions of Tennis Courts?

There are fixed figures determined worldwide for tennis court dimensions. These dimensions determined by the ITF are fixed for official competitions. However, non-standard-sized fields can also be built for sites, school gardens, hotels, and private use in different dimensions.

According to the ground structures of tennis courts; soil, asphalt, concrete, acrylic, tartan, synthetic grass, and natural grass fields are divided into varieties. Regardless of the floor material, tennis courts must have international dimensions in order for tennis matches to be valid. The design of the courts is generally based on the doubles competition.

What Are The Features of A Tennis Court?

The tennis court is rectangular, with a length of 23.77 m and a width of 10.97 m. These measures express the area where the tennis ball stays in play. The margins are also indicated. A net hanging from two poles at a height of 1.07 m must pass through the middle of the court. The median height of the net should be 0.91 m and a length of 12.80 m, with holes so small that the ball cannot pass through and should be taut. The diameter of the steel wire or cord on which the net is suspended should be determined as a maximum of 0.8 cm, and the width of the mesh band should be determined as a maximum of 5 cm. The steel wire should be designed to be at least 5 cm and at most 6.35 cm from both sides downwards.

What Are The Flooring Types for Tennis Courts?

Tennis courts can be constructed on one of three basic types of floors. Floors are classified into three types: grass, synthetic, and clay. Tennis court floors made of artificial grass are unique from other surfaces and can be used to dominate professional tennis. These courts are unaffected by natural weather conditions such as rain and snow. The major advantage of an artificial grass tennis court is that when the ball arrives quickly, the person on the field who receives it is in the least danger of harm.

What Are The Cost of An Artificial Grass Tennis Court?

The price of an artificial grass tennis court varies depending on the characteristics and size of the field. To obtain precise pricing information, one must contact the chosen company. Because an artificial grass tennis court cost is determined by a variety of factors.

Which Company to Choose for An Artificial Grass Tennis Court Construction?

Tennis courts are constructed in 3-4 weeks by skilled and experienced personnel. Turnkey tennis courts comprise infrastructure, ironworks, wire mesh, lighting, artificial grass carpets, and tennis nets. To acquire the greatest tennis court, you must use a professional business-like Integral Grass. As a result, you will not only be able to utilize the goods for many years, but you will also be able to save money. As a result, you can contact them or visit their website. You can create a request by filling out the relevant form. Your requests will be forwarded to the specialists as quickly as feasible. If you wish you may also ask the company any question that comes to your mind about the installation process.

With its experience, expert team, and hardworking employees, the company will provide you with the best and fast service. Additionally, the company offers support even after the application. Thanks to this support, you can find fast and effective solutions to your problems that may occur in the future. It is possible to get the best service at the most affordable prices!

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