How much do England players get paid for playing for their country at Euro 2020?

England players receive appearance fees and will get share of Euro 2020 prize money to FA

England players are among some of the highest-paid footballers in the world – but the financial rewards are not quite as high on the international stage.

Raheem Sterling reportedly earns £300,000 a week at Manchester City, while captain Harry Kane and defender Harry Maguire are believed to be on around the £200,000 mark at Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United respectively.

However, the appearance fees they receive playing for England pale into comparison to such figures.

It is understood players earn around £2,000 per game and since 2007 the England players have been donating that money to the England Football Foundation, which distributes it to charities.

So, although players will have earned up to £14,000 appearance fees during their run to the Euro 2020 final, they will not see any of it.

However, the FA will receive significant prize money by winning the tournament and even just by reaching the final they are set to take home more than £20million.

The governing body would retain 60 per cent of the prize money from UEFA, with 40 per cent going to the players.

By reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup two years ago, England’s players received £217,000 in bonuses but it is likely to be much higher this time.

They would not see that money until the autumn though as the Mail reported that due to the terms of a £175m loan received from the Bank of England during the Covid crisis the FA are unable to pay any dividends or bonuses until that has been fully repaid, which will not be until at least September.

Players also receive appearance fees for commercial commitments worth tens of thousands of pounds.

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