FUMING Jake Paul responds to Tommy Fury’s ‘latest excuse’ as British boxer is denied entry to the USA days after Tyson Fury was also refused, as KSI makes offer to save August fight

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul told Tommy Fury he will not let him ‘weasel out’ of their fight, which is seemingly in doubt.

Fury was set to fly out to America on Monday to attend the pair’s first press conference but was prevented from doing so, just days after his brother, Tyson, was banned from entering the US.

‘The Problem Child’ remains confident that his fight with Fury will go ahead as planned and accused the Love Island star of coming up with another excuse to avoid their fight after he previously pulled out of their December date due to injury.

“Tommy, no matter how hard you try to get out of this fight, I’m going to do everything in my power to not let you weasel your way out,” Paul wrote on social media.

“My team and my partners have made it clear the steps you need to take to solve your latest excuse. Take them or admit you’re a scared little bitch. #TommyFumbles”

Paul’s YouTube rival KSI offered him the chance to save the fight with Fury by fighting on his UK card later this year.

On Tuesday, Fury posted a video on social media explaining that he had been barred from travelling to America due to an undisclosed reason that he apparently should’ve been aware of.

Tommy said: “[I wanted to] come on here and set the record straight before anybody else tries to.

“Me and my team this morning arrived at Heathrow Airport ready for the press conference, ready to fly out.

“And as soon as I entered the airport, I got pulled to one side and I was told by the Homeland Security officer that was there that my ESTA had been denied and I wasn’t able to travel to the USA for a reason that I apparently know.

“I can stand here and I say I’ve done absolutely nothing wrong and I have no clue why I’m not allowed to travel to the USA.

“I’ve been training for a fight this whole time and that’s all I’ve been doing.

“I have no clue why they would not allow me to travel today and neither does any of my team or my lawyers.

“So now I’m having to go to them trying to resolve it, and I’m in the middle of training.

“I don’t know why this is happening today, it’s a massive shock to me and my whole team.

“Obviously it is a matter that needs to be resolved.

“It’s government issues, it’s a lot bigger than the fight right now and I’m just trying to get it sorted.”

Ten days prior, WBC heavyweight champion Tyson was reportedly refused entry into the USA due to his connections to Daniel Kinahan.

The boxing adviser was sanctioned by the US Treasury, which named him as a major figure in the Kinahan Organised Crime Group (KOCG) back in April.

It was subsequently reported that 600 people with connections to the KOCG had been banned from the US as a result.

Paul has since revealed he intends to move on from the match.

He tweeted: “Tommy Fury is in hiding. B**** made.

“Tyson Fury lawyer never got back to my team on setting up escrow for our $1M bet. Never believed in his brother.

“Instructed my team to do a Hova and move On To The Next One.”

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