Everything you need to know about ICE London, the online iGaming industry’s biggest event

If you have even a passing experience with the global iGaming industry, you are probably already aware of ICE London. This is an annual conference that usually takes place at the ExCeL Centre, in which the great and good of the globe’s £54 billion iGaming sector meet to discuss the latest innovations and next steps in their rapid expansion. If you haven’t heard of ICE London, here is everything you need to know, and why you should be interested.

ICE London typically takes place at the beginning of the calendar year and is, without a doubt, the single most important event for the online gambling industry. For years now, ICE has been billed as the biggest meeting in the world of iGaming industry heads, meaning that anyone who is anyone in this sector will be in attendance.

Given the immense size of the three-day event, the fun usually takes place at the sprawling ExCeL Centre, a 100-acre site on the Royal Docks in Newham. Over several days, attendees are treated to showcases of the latest gambling innovations, including actual slot machines, live casino games, and video slots.

Other themes that are usually covered include changing iGaming legislation around the world, iGaming infrastructure trends (such as online payment platforms), and staying competitive in an increasingly crowded market. Oh, and did we mention that the after parties are meant to be legendary?

The why

So, why does ICE London take place, and why is it such a huge event? For one, the market for online slots is now incredibly sophisticated and diverse, especially compared to just a few short years ago. A quick glance at the most popular online slots in the UK right now reveals a dizzying array of titles from a massive range of game developers. Simply put, the industry is getting more and more competitive and formalised.

In addition, London is the perfect location for ICE for a number of reasons. Firstly, the UK is one of the world’s largest and most sought-after online gambling markets, worth around £3.1 billion a year.

Secondly, vendors are drawn to the UK’s clear-cut and reliable regulatory environment, provided by the UK Gambling Commission, a government body with a very strong reputation. Meanwhile, many of the world’s top iGaming platforms and developers are actually based in London and the UK, adding to the city’s appeal further.

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