CRIPPLED Sports injury expert explains what Dustin Poirier did to Conor McGregor’s leg at UFC 257 to leave him unable to walk

A leading sports injury expert has described how the trauma inflicted by Dustin Poirier left Conor McGregor unable to walk unaided after UFC 257.

‘The Notorious’ was knocked out for the first time in his MMA career in the second round of his rematch with Poirier on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi.

Having never been stopped before, it truly was a sight to behold for fans as McGregor was left slumped on the octagon canvas in what was supposed to be his heroic return.

Much of the damage was done in the first round, with Poirier whipping his left leg with serious venom into the fleshy part of McGregor’s lead right leg.

The scything attacks rendered McGregor practically lame as he slumped onto the cage and Poirier picked him apart.

As physical rehab doctor and sports injury expert Brian Sutterer MD explains, the pain McGregor would have felt with each kick would have had a cumulative effect.

He said: “A kick in this area is specifically targeting the common fibular nerve, or common peroneal nerve, and it’s a nerve that supplies muscle control to part of the lower leg, and also some of the sensation.

“This is where these UFC fighters are trying to strike, to have these effective calf kicks,” he added. “It’s going to cause limited function of the muscles, because that nerve is going to be stunned.

“So you hit that nerve really close to the skin enough right here, and it’s going to cause some of the nerves to shut off, it’s going to cause some temporary damage to them, basically ending with this dead-feeling lower leg.”

After hobbling to the post-fight press conference in Abu Dhabi, the former two-weight world champion admitted he was devastated by the loss.

McGregor was walking on crutches after the fight and jokingly told Poirier afterwards he had broken his legs

“It’s heart-breaking, it’s hard to take, highest highs and the lowest lows,” McGregor said in the aftermath. “My leg is completely dead – even though I felt like I was checking them I was badly compromised. It is like an American football in my suit at the minute.

“Dustin had a hell of a fight. I felt alright in the second round, felt better than him in the clinch but too little too late – my leg was compromised and I didn’t adjust.

“Fair play to Dustin, I am happy for him. I am happy to compete in these challenging times. I don’t know where I am at the minute. He fought a hell of a fight but what can you do, I am happy for him.”

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