Best Ways to Control Video Game Extreme Hobby

Not only has gaming evolved into a full-fledged entertainment medium, but its availability as an online activity makes it accessible 24/7 like the Quaker State 400 odds. This has highly contributed to video game extreme hobby.

The good news is that, video game extreme hobby can be treated successfully. You can control it if you’re willing to put in some work and don’t give up when progress feels slow. Here are some helpful tips on how to control video game extreme hobby:


The most important step is first to remove the temptation. The best way to control video game extreme hobby is to remove the controller from your life. It’s too easy to access and play right now, so you should hide it!

Don’t make it easy for yourself to play video games, even if you’re in another room or with someone else. Keep away anything that might tempt you to play whenever you’re free to avoid falling back.


Setting a time limit is one of the simplest ways to avoid playing video games for too long. First, decide when you want to stop playing and then set the alarm for that time. Creating a system with multiple warnings for each day will help keep track of how much time has passed.

For instance, an alarm could be set for 24 hours after starting a game session, and another could be charged after every hour played. This will ensure that you get multiple breaks during each session. Taking breaks allows you to refresh before diving back into the game world again!

In addition to setting an overall limit on how long you play each day or week, it’s also essential not to binge-play during those times. This will help you to avoid trying desperately to beat not only missions but also complete side quests.


If you’re serious about weaning yourself off video games, it’s time to do away with TV. Move it to a different room and make it harder to access. Make it more challenging to play!

Make it something you have to work for, earn, or at least put on your list of things to do after taxes and laundry are done. 

There are many ways to do this- you could buy a new TV that needs assembly, get a smaller one, so there’s no space for an entertainment center, or mount your current TV on the wall.

Whatever method works best for your living situation will also depend on how much effort you’re willing to put into making this happen. But in any case, this is one step guaranteed to help control video game extreme hobby and improve your general health and happiness!


Gaming is a great way to pass the time. It can also be a great way to meet new people and make friends. But gaming is just a game, not an essential thing in your life or the world. Gaming can’t get you back or pay for your tuition fee; they’re simply a fun distraction from real life!

If you find that gaming is taking over more and more of your day-to-day responsibilities, then it might be time to take a step back from your favorite game. Consider rethinking how much time you’re spending playing these games every day!


Rewarding yourself for doing other activities that are just as fun instead of playing video games is essential. For example, if you could play video games all day long, why not read a book? These are all rewarding activities that can also be useful on their own without the addition of gaming.

If you are playing video games for longer than expected, set an alarm reminder for when it’s time to end your session and do something else. If you don’t want the interruption from an alarm but still need some reminder, try using an app like RescueTime.

This app will help you track what applications and websites people use to see how much time they spend on activities such as gaming.


You might still be wondering if you have an extreme hobby or if you just like games a bit too much. Look at the above tips and try them out.

You’ll find yourself playing fewer games but also enjoy them more when you do so. If this is the case, then there’s nothing to worry about!

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