8 Reasons We Love Cricket 

Cricket has is probably the second most popular sport I the world after football. With more than 2.5 billion fans, cricket is one of the most cherished sports among its many fans. From kids playing cricket in the streets to the champions giving tough competition on a national level, cricket in has witnessed massive growth in recent years, especially in countries like India.

Team India has represented the country in many international tournaments over the past years, which is one of the reasons why people love to watch and play cricket. Similarly, there are quite a few reasons why cricket has become the players’ favourite. Let’s take a look at 8 reasons why the world loves cricket.

1. You Can Play it Anywhere

Location is never a concern when it comes to cricket. You could play it anywhere – whether it’s on the beach or the street. In fact, kids from India to the West Indies grow up playing cricket on the streets. Many Indian players that play for the country on an international level have learned the rules of this sport from street cricket. Lasith Malinga, a popular Sri Lankan cricketer, has talked about how he used to play cricket on a beach. One of the reasons that people love cricket as that it can be played anywhere. All you need is a bat, a ball, and stumps and you’re ready to go!

2. You can Place a Wager on Cricket

Hundreds of thousands of people place bets on their favourite cricket teams and players every day. Betting sites offer generous bonuses, exciting welcome packages, deposit bonuses, free betting options, and an extensive range of promotional offers that attract gamblers and add to the excitement for cricket fans.

What makes it even more interesting is that cricket wagering is available in all formats. Not only do you get a chance to wager on a team, but you could place a bet on your favourite player. Live betting is also available for gambling buffs.

3. It’s a Thrilling Game

If you have watched cricket, you know how things can take an unpredictable turn in this game. The team that seems to be winning the match could end up losing it in the end. Cricketers break records in almost every tournament, and that’s one of the most exciting part of cricket. Whether it’s a T20 match or a world tournament, the excitement that lasts till the end makes cricket one of the best games in for fans. If you are someone who loves suspense, then cricket is the game for you!

4. They’re a Range of Different Tournaments

From a four to five-hour match to test matches that last for days, cricket is a versatile sport with a range of different types of tournaments. There is always something new available for the fans. Different formats of cricket make the game very exciting and mean that everyone can find the format that best suits them. Exciting matches across all formats have encouraged viewers to watch T20, World Cup, test series, and different cricket formats.

5. There are Truly World-Class Cricketers

Another thing that makes cricket one of the most cherished sports of all time is the wealth of experienced and skilled athletes offered by the sport. Cricketers from India, Australia, England, South Africa, the West Indies and beyond are legends that are known for their exciting performances breaking world records. These legends are known for taking the cricket world by storm and beloved by their many fans.

Whether it is the fast-paced bowl delivered by Lasith Malinga or six sixes in a row by Yuvraj Singh, there is something about cricket that keeps fans hooked to the screen for hours. In every national and international team, you will find some world-class cricketers that have won millions of hearts with their terrific performance. These cricketers have the ability to turn a boring game into an unbelievable match.

6. Cricket is Simple but Complicated

To a beginner, cricket seems like a fun game where you aim to score more runs than the opponents. The idea may sound super simple, but when you take a closer look at the game, you will realize that it has several formats and complex decisions. From super-overs to umpires changing their decisions, a lot of interesting events take place on the field. Every delivery results in surprising events. You never know whether the next ball will go out of the stadium or the player will have to go back to the pavilion.

7. Cricket is Full of Emotion

One minute you are happy, as your favourite team is performing their best. The next moment you are filled with sadness as your favourite player is struck out. There are times when umpires make wrong decisions, frustrating thousands of fans. From disappointment to the excitement, cricket brings a plethora of emotions.

These were the few reasons why people love cricket! Watching fans raising the flags of their favourite teams and supporting their beloved players is something that makes cricket one of the most memorable games in the world.

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